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Connors Farm


SINCE 1904

Our History

Connors Farm | Danvers MA

Connors farm was established in 1904.   The Connors family followed generations of farmers who had been farming the land for over 300 years.  Connors Farm began as a "truck farm" meaning that all of the crops grown at the time were trucked into Boston to be sold wholesale.  During this time the main crops grown were root crops such as, parsnips and carrots.  In the mid 1950's sweet corn became the major wholesale crop. Unfortunately, wholesale prices for corn began to fall and the farm was unable to make a profit selling corn this way.


As an alternative, the Connors family decided to try selling the corn on their own by creating a small roadside stand on part of the property.  This became a tremendous success and people from all over the North Shore came to buy Connors Farm corn.  

Today Connors Farm is still a working farm.  The farm includes one hundred forty acres of land which is used to grow crops such as corn, tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, squash, pumpkins, apples, peaches, cut flowers and many other types of produce.  The farm also makes use of eight greenhouses for a variety of uses. The farm is one of the largest farms in the area protected by agricultural preservation restrictions, meaning that the farm will remain as open space in perpetuity.

Connors Farm | Danvers MA
Connors Farm | Danvers MA

Connors Farm prides itself on the quality and freshness of all the products that we sell at the farm stand.  We only sell corn on the day it is picked, with no exceptions.  One will never find day old corn on our shelves.  The baked goods we sell arrive fresh every day from the bakery.  We have a commitment to quality and freshness that no supermarket can match. We appreciate the support of our customers in the past, and we look forward to your visits in the future.

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