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Connors Farm


SINCE 1904

Special Events At Connors Farm!



The 7-Acre, World Famous Corn Maze is a NON HAUNTED, family friendly attraction, and is safe for ALL AGES. The maze received international attention when a family “got lost” and called 911 to find their way out. Cling to your flashlight or use the moon as your guide. Although the maze is not staffed with actors, it can unsettle your nerves. The rustling of the corn in the wind and shadows on the path will convince you that you are not alone. 

2023 Flashlight Nights:  Friday, September 29th and all Friday's & Saturday's in October, Sunday, October 8th, and Tuesday, October 31st. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE TICKETS FOR THE FLASHLIGHT MAZE!

The maze takes approximately 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete. It all depends on the speed at which your group is able to navigate the paths and use the map to find their way out.

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